Carry Equipment

Maw Hung self-develop and produce Carry Equipment. Main products are Hydraulic Lift Table and Hydraulic Stacker.

Model MH-30 MH-80 Module
Capacity 300 800 Kgs
Max Heihgt 900 920 mm
Min Heihgt 280 320 mm
Table size 810×500 1010×520 mm
Weight 69 107 Kgs
Wheel 5"PU 5"PU  
Handle Fold Model Fixed Model  

Model MH-20T
Capacity 2000Kg 2000Kg 2000Kg 2000Kg 2000Kg
lifting 85-200mm 85-200mm 85-200mm 85-200mm 85-200mm
Width 685mm 685mm 520mm 520mm 685mm
牙長 1220mm 900mm 1070mm 900mm 1220mm
Tooth length PU單輪 PU單輪 PU單輪 PU單輪 PU雙輪



Loading weight 1000Kgs
weight 320Kgs
accumulator 12V×V120
rechargeable battery - -
rising speed - -
descending speed - -
turning radius 1350mm
length 1450mm
machine width 770mm
machine height 1800mm
height 3050mm
lifting 100-2500mm
foot height 80mm
fork length 900mm
fork width 150mm
forks distance 440-750mm
front wheel 180×50mm
rear wheel 180×50mm
foot width 450mm
foot width 690mm
Loading weight 200Kgs
weight 240Kgs
length 1360mm
machine width 700mm
machine height 1910mm
lifting 2500mm
front wheel 180×50mm
rear wheel 180×50mm
height 3900mm
table height 250mm
overall table length 970mm
placing length 600mm
overall table width 600mm
fence height 1010mm
Loading weight 300Kgs
weight - -
length 1350mm
machine width 915mm
machine height 1880mm
lifting 3450mm
front wheel 180×50mm
rear wheel 180×50mm
barrel diameter 580mm
height of 45° 2370mm
loading center 770mm
center 440mm
foot length 770mm
turning radius 1300mm
power supply 12V 110V / 220V

Model MH-100 單位
Capacity 1000 Kg
weight 180 kg
機長寬高 1700x710x1800 mm
height   mm
lifting 1500 mm
turning radius 1200 mm
fork length 900 mm
fork width 150 mm
forks distance 350-650 mm

Model   Module
Capacity 300 Kgs
Max Heihgt 1400 mm
Min Heihgt 360 mm
Table size 810×500 mm
Weight 87 Kgs
Wheel 5"PU  
Handle 固定式  

Model   Module
Capacity 300 800 Kgs
Max Heihgt 1050 1140 mm
Min Heihgt 440 530 mm
Table size 810×500 810×500 mm
Weight 73 111 Kgs
Wheel 10"風輪 10"風輪  
Handle 固定式 固定式  

Model   Module
尺寸規格 650x450 520x340 mm
輪規格 3"PU 3"PU  
固定輪 2個 2個  
活動輪 2個 2個