Access Equipment

Maw Hung self-develop and produce Access Equipment. Main products are all size of Forklifts.

Electric pedestrian fork lift truck
MHS-10E 12S 16S
Electric Pallet Stackers Specifications
Model MHS-10E MHS-12S MHS-16S
Loading capacity 1000kg 1200kg 1600kg
Load center 500mm 600mm 600mm
Power source DC-24V DC-24V DC-24V
Operator type Rider Rider / stand Rider / stand Rider / stand
Lift height 2750mm 2750mm 2750mm
Lowered forks height 90mm 90mm 90mm
Forks length 1000mm 1150mm 1150mm
Fork width & thickness 170x60mm 170x60mm 170x60mm
Overall forks width 685mm 685mm 685mm
Overall length 1775mm 1790mm 1990mm
Height 1925mm 1925mm 1925mm
Overall width 840mm 850mm 850mm
Turning radius 1695mm 1790mm 1810mm
90° stacking aisle 1995mm 2190mm 2210mm
Loaded speed 0-4.2Km/h 0-5Km/h 0-5Km/h
Empty speed 0-5.1Km/h 0-6Km/h 0-6Km/h
Lifting speed 20 cm/s 20 cm/s 18 cm/s
Weight(without battery) 585kg 700kg 900kg
Front wheel 85x90mm 85x70mm 85x70mm
Drive wheel 250x80mm 230x75mm 230x75mm
Auxiliary wheel 150x50mm 150x50mm 150x50mm
Parking brake electromagnetic electromagnetic electromagnetic
Drive motor 0.7kw 1.0kw 1.5kw
Lift motor 1.2kw 1.2kw 3.0kw
Drive control ternary step stepless stepless
Personnel pedestal Folding type Fixed type Fixed type
Battery EB-130AH/20HRX2pcs 150AH/5HR 180AH/5HR
Power charger(full automatic) 24V-20A 24V-20A 24V-20A

electric pallet truck
Model MHT-20S MHT-20S
Loading capacity 1000 kg 3000 kg
Power source DC-24V DC-24V
Lift height 90-205mm 90-205mm
Lowered forks height 90mm 90mm
Forks length 1150mm 1150mm
Fork width & thickness 175 x 55mm 175 x 55mm
Overall forks width 685mm (520) 685mm (520)
Overall length 1810mm 1810mm
Overall width 830mm 830mm
Turning radius 1630mm 1630mm
Loaded speed 0-5Km/h 0-5Km/h
Empty speed 0-6Km/h 0-6Km/h
(without battery)
368 kg 380 kg
Parking brake electromagnetic electromagnetic
Drive motor 1.0kw 1.5kw
Lift motor 1.0kw 1.2kw
Drive control Infinitely Variable Speeds Infinitely Variable Speeds
Personnel pedestal Azote-Cylinder Multi-Fold Model Azote-Cylinder Multi-Fold Model
Battery 150AH/5HR 180AH/5HR
Power charger
(full automatic)
24V-20A 24V-20A

Counter Weight Model
Electric pedestrian fork lift truck

Container Model
Electric pedestrian fork lift truck